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About streetkickers

The streetkickers app is a virtual football coach, born in Germany, that develops a training plan tailored to the training goals of each user, on the different soccer fields. This and much more is what you get from their UEFA Pro License Coach in the training schedule.

With the collaboration of Fernando Brito, Rodrigo Nina developed streetkickers branding which helps the teams working on the app development and videos to be consistent. They created exciting and inspiring visual designs to promote the product and customer experience. Besides that, Rodrigo worked on Product Development: Training Plans UI and UX.

Mockup mobile App

Brand Book


Visit the app here: streetkickers

Rodrigo understands what you want on a whole new level, providing valuable insights when developing an identity for your business. We highly recommend Rodrigo for his work, responsiveness, value and ability to meet streetkickers’ goals!

Nuno Pinge

Co-Founder & CTO, streetkickers