Frame your vision with my work.

I´m a UX/UI and Branding designer based in Oporto.

With a visual and communication design degree, I have worked since 2008 with medium-big companies and international corporate brands. I mostly do branding, graphic marketing assets and editorial designer tasks.

Following technology and trends since 2009, I have been making a career in Visual and UX design mobile apps for tech startups and companies. Updating my skills in that field, lately, I´m more involved in tasks like user research, empathize, ideation, testing, user interface, visual and branding design.

I can be as involved in your project as you need me to be, from the seed of the idea until de validation. I am most interested in the visual product app with user interaction concerns. I seek user-based problem-solving to understand needs and provide clear and impactful human-centred solutions design.

Hard Skills


Advanced level


Advanced level


Beginner level


Intermediate level

Adobe Illustrator

Expert level

Adobe Photoshop

Advanced level


Advanced level


Intermediate level

Software Tools: Figma, Protopie, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Excell

Ui and UX design: research, interaction and product development to ensure design usability and accessibility.

Prototyping: create user flow with UI animation prototypes to test the user experience and identify potential issues.

Design thinking: the problem-solving approach used to solve complex problems through design.

Branding: creating and maintaining a brand’s visual identity and messaging, with attention to typography, brand guidelines and marketing assets.

Soft Skills

More than motivated, I am determined in life and at work.

Collaborate with cross-functional teams and be open to feedback and suggestions.

Think creatively to develop innovative designs that meet the client’s needs.

Have a keen eye for detail to ensure all brand assets are consistent and visually appealing.

Manage my time effectively, prioritize tasks, and meet project deadlines.

Able to put myself in the user’s shoes and design with their needs and preferences in mind.

I communicate effectively with clients and team members.

My methods

Depending on the project, here are some of my used methods:

  • User research to gain insights into the user’s needs, goals, and pain points. This can include interviews, surveys, usability testing, and other techniques.
  • Information architecture explains how I organize the content and structure of the website or application to create an intuitive user experience.
  • Wireframes to show how I create wireframes to represent the layout and functionality of the design and how it evolved throughout the design process.
  • Prototyping to highlight the different iterations I created to test and refine the design.
  • An organized visual design, usually with a design system with typography, colour, imagery, and other visual elements that make the design appealing, consistent and user-friendly.
  • Usability testing can include examples to validate the design with users and improve based on their feedback.
  • The notion is the tool where I do the project management and note-taking software. Coordinating deadlines, goals, and tasks improves efficiency and productivity.
  • Visual Elements of User Interface Design | UX Design Fundamentals | Web Design: Strategy and Information Architecture | Web Design: Wireframes to Prototypes – California Institute of the Arts in 2021
  • Visual Communication Design degree at the IADE – Faculty of Design and Communication – European University (Lisbon) in 2007.
Professional Experience
  • Senior UX/UI Designer, Senior Brand Identity | Freelance
    2010 – Today | Oporto
    Working with important brands in different fields like Mio (the world’s No.1 Dashcam brand), Royole (developer and manufacturer of FlexPai, the world’s first foldable phone), box-to-box (football training app), Aposta Legal, Sociedade Portuguesa de Quimíca, One Farm, Bem Studio, Iris Leds, Road Book, Möm(e), and many others.
  • Senior mobile app UI / UX | Junior product development designer| Box-to-box
    Aug 2019 – May 2023 | Oporto
    I led product design, conducted usability tests, developed brand identity and design systems, created wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes with animation, designed app interfaces in 88 languages, produced marketing assets, and illustrated scorecards for football teams.
  • Creative graphic designer | BemStudio
    2016 – 2017 | Amsterdam, Oporto and Lisbon
    My main responsibility was supervising all the Visual Corporation, Marketing processes and guiding new ideas to impress the market.
  • Founder, owner, illustrator and creative director | Maskin
    2011 – 2017 | Oporto
    I started by developing an online store with my brand of original T-shirts illustrated in
    2011. In parallel, I also began selling my apparel in some physical stores. During the year
    2017, I started a new model business related to an e-commerce platform that allowed
    all artists to earn money with their original illustrations. This new venture allowed me to
    support and promote fellow artists while growing my own brand.
  • Creative graphic designer | Poster Digital
    2008 – 2010 | Oporto
    Creative director in Poster Digital and Poster Shop. I was Involved in small and large format printing works for diferent clients associated with the sale of advertising media. I developed the 2009 Catalogue of Poster Digital company. Did the branding for the Poster Shop. The company won a pixel award on Expo Prodigital 2010 with the best national commercial innovation in which I prepared the stand.