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About Mio

Mio is managed by MiTAC Europe, which is a subsidiary of MiTAC. MiTAC Europe manages pan-European operations for all Mio Personal Navigation Devices (PND) for drivers and cyclists, currently including the Spirit Series and new Cyclo Series for bicycles. Mio has a forward-looking and energetically approach in providing safety, enjoyment and value in all communications.

Since June 2016, Rodrigo Nina has been working in multiple Mio projects in partnership with Pedro Sousa. Together, they follow the global Mio Identity Guidebook to create visuals that transmit the company’s mission and vision, in 8 languages, across a portfolio of over 50 products. During the years working with Mio, they also supported the introduction of the new Mio Identity Branding and website. The work has been developing on different areas like packaging, brochures, Datasheets, Merchandising, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin), Point of sale, Retail Support Materials, Digital and print communications, Exhibitions and Event Materials.

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Packaging for Mio

Datasheets & Leaflets

Social Media – Facebook and Twitter

Exhibition & Event Materials

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We were looking for a graphical designer to create strong creatives in order to stand out from our competitors. Rodrigo was highly recommended. He is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done under tight time constraints. His ability to think outside the box adds tremendous value. I would highly recommend his services.

Abdulah Mahamed

Marketing Executive, Mio Technology