• The AUVL brand enjoys a worldwide reputation in lamp technology and is internationally renowned for its competence, flexibility and customer proximity. For many years we have focused on developing and delivering high-quality UV lamps for various applications. AUVL is one of the few brands in the lighting industry that relies on its German location and benefits from production facilities, sales organisations in multiple countries and advanced logistics solutions.
My role
  • In collaboration with Pedro Sousa, I was approached to create a new website, modern, responsive and user-friendly.
  • I also have been developing digital and print merchandising communications for products like SanaerTG48, UVC box sterilisation and different plant growth products.
  • Mar 2019 – May 2022
  • WordPress, Illustrator, Indesign, Lightroom and Photoshop.
AUVL logo

Visit the website here: AUVL

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